Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is Virginia’s federally required transportation improvement program that identifies those transit and highway construction and maintenance projects that will utilize federal funding, or for which federal approval will be required. The federal requirement for updating the STIP is four years; however VDOT elects to update the STIP every three years to ensure that our plan never lapses.

The STIP includes all federally funded and regionally significant transportation projects, multimodal projects (highway, passenger rail, freight, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian) and projects on roadways in Virginia’s National Parks and National Forests.

The STIP must also include all projects in a Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Improvement Plan (MPO TIP) as well as projects in non-MPO areas. For information about each MPO’s TIP, please click the corresponding link for the area. The MPO areas are:


Virginia provides many opportunities for the public to provide input on transportation projects and priorities as part of the continuing transportation planning process for the development of the STIP and the state required Six Year Improvement Program. These opportunities include federally required public involvement for each MPO’s TIP, Fall Transportation Meetings and Spring Public Hearings. VDOT is in the process of preparing the next STIP for FFY 2015-2018. Once available, the DRAFT STIP will be made available online for public review and comment. 

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Page last modified: April 11, 2014