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The Plan Room is open for business during the hours of 8:00AM – 3:30PM.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  Due to technical difficulties, the email used to send in orders for purchasing hard copy plans and proposals is temporarily inactive.  Until the issue has been corrected, please use the following email to submit your order: 


Ordering Form Notes
Ordering Forms to obtain Hard Copy Plan/Proposals Contractors would fill out this form if they wish to purchase plans and or proposals from our Plan Room in Scheduling and Contract
Publication Sales Form (rev. 6/2016) To obtain the Specifications Book, Work Area Protection Manual and the Work Zone Pocket Guide select this link.
Order Form to obtain access to Falcon If a contractor wishes to download the electronic form of the proposal and/or plans he will need to select this link to gain access to the application form and instructions.
Notice of Advertisement Through Email
If a contractor would like to receive a link to each advertisement semi-monthly, they would fill out this form.
Page last modified: April 12, 2018