Alternative Project Delivery Division

The Alternative Project Delivery (APD) Division is responsible for leading VDOT’s statewide Design-Build program which includes developing the list of candidate Design-Build projects, developing and advertising Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP), short-listing the offerors and awarding the Design-Build contract. The mission of the APD Division is to support VDOT in delivering projects by procuring design-build contracts consistent with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. In addition to procurement, the APD Division is responsible for developing and implementing statewide policies and procedures for the Design-Build program including post-award support related to contract administration.

All inquires regarding APD's design-build program can be sent to the following:

Shailendra G. Patel PE, DBIA
State Engineer APD
Alternative Project Delivery Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23219

Jeffrey A. Roby PE, DBIA
Assistant State Engineer APD
Alternative Project Delivery Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23219

March 8, 2022 - VDOT and VTCA Progressive Design-Build Webinar

VDOT and VTCA held a joint webinar on March 8, 2022 to provide an overview of Progressive Design-Build (PDB) and the PDB procurement process. A copy of the presentation can be found here. 

February 10, 2022 - RFP for Business and Management Services (BMS) and Independent Cost Estimating (ICE) Support Services

VDOT issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) on February 10, 2022 through eVA to solicit sealed proposals to establish nonprofessional service contract(s) through competitive negotiation for the purchase of Business and Management Services (BMS) and Independent Cost Estimating (ICE) Support Services for the Alternative Project Delivery program/projects. A copy of the RFP can be found here.

Design-Build References and Resources 

  • Instructional and Informational Memoranda (IIM) APD
    • IIM-APD-1.3 - Design-Build Requirements for Advertisement Adobe Reader
    • IIM-APD-2.2 - Organizational Conflict of Interest Guidelines Adobe Reader
    • IIM-APD-3.2 - Design-Build Candidate Projects Adobe Reader
    • IIM-APD-4    - Federal Project Authorization for Design-Build Projects Adobe Reader
    • IIM-APD-5    - Proposal Payments on Design-Build Projects Adobe Reader

Notice: Any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity offering or practicing architecture, engineering or land surveying shall be registered or licensed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4, Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia.

It is an offeror's responsibility to comply with the requirements related to organizational structure, any required registration with governmental agencies and/or entities, and any required governmental licensure, whether business, individual, or professional in nature, and failure to comply with those requirements may render a submittal non-responsive.

Section  § 33.2-209(B) of the Code of Virginia authorizes VDOT and the Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop and award contracts using the Design-Build contracting method.

Section §33.2-269 of the Code authorizes local governments to utilize the Design-Build contracting method.

VDOT's Alternative Project Delivery Division has developed guidelines to assist local governments.

Standard Template Contract Documents

The Alternative Project Delivery Division has issued standard template documents for all forthcoming Request for Proposals. Standard Template Documents (Parts 3, 4 and 5) are provided below along with Exhibit 1 referenced therein:

Active Design-Build Procurements

        Links to Project Websites (if available)

  • Hampton Roads Express Lanes (HREL) Segment 4C; Hampton Roads District 
  • Route 29 Widening Phase II; Northern Virginia District 
  • Hampton Roads Express Lanes (HREL) Segment 1A (0.150 miles East of Patrol Road to 0.663 miles East of Tidewater Drive); Hampton Roads District
  • I-95/Route 123 Interchange; Northern Virginia District; Progressive Design-Build Project 
  • Transportation Improvements to Hydraulic Rd. and US-29; Culpeper District 

Candidate Design-Build Projects

  • I-81 Corridor Widening (NB & SB) Exit 221 to Exit 225; Staunton District; Total Budget $172M (Anticipated RFQ Release – Summer 2022)
  • I-77 over Route 606 Bridge Replacement; Bristol District; Total Budget $16M (Anticipated RFQ Release - Summer 2022) 
  • I-81 over Middle Fork Holston River; Bristol District; Total Budget $15M (Anticipated RFQ Release - Fall 2022)
  • I-81/I-77 Junction; Bristol District; Total Budget $71M (Anticipated RFQ Release - Late 2022)
  • Albemarle Bundle #2 (3 Roundabouts); Culpeper District (Anticipated RFQ Release - Spring 2023)
  • Phase 1 of Fall Line Trail; Richmond District; Total Budget $25M–$35M;  Phase Location and Length TBD (Anticipated Single Phase RFP Release – End of year 2022) 

Potential Design-Build Projects

It is anticipated the projects below will be advertised using the Design-Build project delivery method. The list is subject to change at any time without notice.

  • I-81 NB & SB Widening MM 313 to MM 317; Staunton District (Anticipated RFQ Release - Summer/Fall 2024) 
  • I-81 NB Widening MM 116 to MM 128; Salem District (Anticipated RFQ Release - Summer/Fall 2024)

Design-Build Projects Under Contract (Construction)

Bristol District

      • I-81 Bridge Replacement over Rte. 11 and Middle Fork Holston River
      • I-81 NB Acceleration Lane Extension at Exit 47 (MM48.1 to MM48.9)

Culpeper District

      • Albemarle County Intersection Improvements Bundling

Hampton Roads District

Northern Virginia District

Richmond District

Salem District

Staunton District

      • No current design-build projects under construction

Lynchburg District

      • No current design-build projects under construction

Fredericksburg District

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