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Establishing ProjectWise Access and Login for External Customers

Everyone in your firm that needs ProjectWise access will need to follow this process.

To establish ProjectWise access, a COV (Commonwealth of Virginia) account needs to be created for you in order for you to get permissions. You will need to complete the following forms ITD-36E & LD-899. You will receive an email once your COV account has been set up. When your account is ready, you will be able to access your ProjectWise account via the COV domain.



  • LD-899  - Request access to the ProjectWise Site
  • ITD36E - Security Agreement for External Users 

Logging into ProjectWise Web Server For External Users

You have access to ProjectWise as long as you have your COV domain account created and your permanent password.

Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A trouble ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number.

Page last modified: Oct. 18, 2019