VDOT Materials Certification Schools

The Materials Certification Program is offered by the Materials Division of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and offers individuals training and certification in the following areas:

  • Aggregate Properties
  • Asphalt Field Level 1
  • Asphalt Field Level 2
  • Asphalt Plant Level 1
  • Asphalt Plant Level 2
  • Asphalt Plant Mix Design
  • Central Mix Aggregate Plant
  • Concrete Field
  • Concrete Plant
  • Pavement Marking
  • Slurry Surfacing
  • Soils and Aggregate Compaction
  • Surface Treatment


To view the Course Schedule for VDOT Materials Certification Schools as well as learn about CHANGES in recent year's schools, please review the following:


We provide on-going training in Materials Technology for some 12,000 industry and Department employees for the purpose of providing a competent workforce.

These workers are involved in the production, utilization, acceptance, testing, and inspection of materials used in the commonwealth's transportation infrastructure.

Click Here to access guidelines for the VDOT Materials Certification Schools Program (Section 115, Manual of Instructions) (PDF, 72KB)


If you are currently participating in VDOT's Materials Certification Schools, you can access the course schedules, enroll online, and access your Materials Certification Card all via the VDOT University Virtual Campus:


Logo for VDOT University Virtual Campus



Materials Certification Schools Study Guides - 2016 manuals are currently being updated


2016 Asphalt Field Level 1 & 2 Certification Study Guide:

Asphalt Field, Introduction (.pdf 937b)

Asphalt Field, Chapter 1 (.pdf 937b)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 2 (.pdf 1433kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 3 (.pdf 1658kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 4 (.pdf 2126kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 5 (.pdf 1736kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 6 (.pdf 1042kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 7 (.pdf 1927kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 8 (.pdf 664kb)
Asphalt Field, Chapter 9 (.pdf 1879kb

Asphalt Field, Chapter 10(.pdf 937b)
Asphalt Field, Appendix A (.pdf 1096kb)
Asphalt Field, Appendix B (.pdf 637kb)
Asphalt Field, Appendix C (.pdf 1402kb)



2016 Asphalt Plant Level 1 & 2 Certification Study Guide: 

Asphalt Plant, Introduction and Chapter 1 (.pdf 937b)

Asphalt Plant, Chapter 2 (.pdf 937b)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 3 (.pdf 1433kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 4 (.pdf 1658kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 5 (.pdf 2126kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 6 (.pdf 1736kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 7 (.pdf 1042kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 8 (.pdf 1927kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 9 (.pdf 664kb)
Asphalt Plant, Chapter 10 (.pdf 1879kb
Asphalt Plant, Appendix A (.pdf 1096kb)
Asphalt Plant, Appendix B (.pdf 637kb)
Asphalt Plant, Appendix C (.pdf 1402kb)
Asphalt Plant, Appendix D (.pdf 797kb)

Asphalt Plant, Appendix E (.pdf 637kb)
Asphalt Plant, Spec Handout (.pdf 797kb)


2016 Central Mix Aggregate Certification Study Guide:
Central Mix Aggregate, Introduction and Chapter 1 (.pdf 41kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Chapter 2 (.pdf 2086kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Chapter 3 (.pdf 168kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Chapter 4 (.pdf 143kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Chapter 5 (.pdf 31kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Chapter 6 (.pdf 143kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Appendix A(.pdf 163kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Appendix B (.pdf 28kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Appendix C (.pdf 3998kb)
Central Mix Aggregate, Appendix D (.pdf 45kb)


2015 Concrete Plant & Field Certification Study Guide:
Concrete Plant & Field, Introduction(.pdf 39kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 1 (.pdf 64kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 2(.pdf 570kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 3(.pdf 2234kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 4 (.pdf 27kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 5(.pdf 29kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 6(.pdf 39kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 7 (.pdf 5494kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 8 (.pdf 51kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 9 (.pdf 31kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Chapter 10 (.pdf 260kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Appendices Introduction(.pdf 20kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Appendix A (.pdf 35kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Appendix B (.pdf 57kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Appendix C (.pdf 33kb)
Concrete Plant & Field, Appendix D(.pdf 65kb)


2016 Pavement Marking Certification Study Guide:
Pavement Marking, Introduction (.pdf 32kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 1(.pdf 169kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 2 (.pdf 747kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 3 (.pdf 51kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 4 (.pdf 24kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 5 (.pdf 82kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 6 (.pdf 38kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 7 (.pdf 44kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 8 (.pdf 38kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 9 (.pdf 87kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 10 (.pdf 42kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 11 (.pdf 158kb)
Pavement Marking, Chapter 12(.pdf 126kb)
Pavement Marking, Appendix A(.pdf 17kb)
Pavement Marking, Appendix B (.pdf 146kb)
Pavement Marking, Appendix C(.pdf 69kb)
Pavement Marking, Appendix D (.pdf 50kb)
Pavement Marking, Appendix E (.pdf 23kb)
Pavement Marking. Appendix F (.pdf 93kb)


2016 Slurry Surfacing Certification Study Guide:
Slurry Surfacing, Manual (.pdf 1693kb)

2016 Soils and Aggregate Compaction Certification Study Guide:
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Introduction(.pdf 31kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 1 (.pdf 516kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 2 (.pdf 2901kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 3 (.pdf 1173kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 4 (.pdf 1217kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 5 (.pdf 3603kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 6(.pdf 3018kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 7 (.pdf 611kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Chapter 8 (.pdf 606kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix A(.pdf 55kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix B(.pdf 30kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix C (.pdf 20kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix D (.pdf 54kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix E(.pdf 61kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix F (.pdf 1773kb)
Soils and Aggregate Compaction, Appendix G (.pdf 322kb)


2016 Surface Treatment Certification Study Guide:
Surface Treatment, Manual  (.pdf 1219kb)


Asphalt Mix Design and Aggregate Properties: 

This manual is provided after candidate has completed all pre-requisites. 


Virginia Testing and Specifications  (.pdf 1mb)

SuperPave Federal Workbook


Materials Certification Schools Proficiency Checklists

Asphalt Checklists:
Asphalt Plant, Level I Technician Proficiency Checklist
Asphalt Plant, Level II Technician Proficiency Checklist
Asphalt Mix Design Proficiency Checklist

Central Mix Aggregate (CMA) Checklist:
Central Mix Aggregate Proficiency Checklists

Concrete Plant Checklist:
Concrete Plant Proficiency Checklists

Soils Checklists:
Soils Proficiency Checklist



All re-certifications are free of charge and require the completion of the online registration. Some also require that the proficiency be demonstrated at a VDOT approved locations. That list has been provided below:  

  • Asphalt Plant Level 1 - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Asphalt Plant Level 2 - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Asphalt Plant Mix Design - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Central Mix Aggregate Plant - Physical demonstration of proficiency
  • Concrete Field - Current ACI must be submitted
  • Concrete Plant - Closed Book written proficiency exam
  • Soils and Aggregate Compaction - Physical demonstration of proficiency


If you need more in-depth questions contact the Materials Certification Schools team: 

By EMAIL:  MaterialsCertification@vdot.virginia.gov  

or by PHONE:

Farrah Pinckney-Semere (804) 328-3158 

Scott Manning (804) 229-5118


Page last modified: May 16, 2016