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Welcome to The Virginia Transportation Marketing Research Database. This site contains marketing research studies conducted by the Department of Transportation (VDOT), the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), and other leading transportation agencies across Virginia. The studies cataloged here cover a wide range of transportation topics. For a complete list of topics covered click here. And, for a complete listing of all studies included in this database click here, or use the Site’s search features presented below.

VDOT/DRPT Marketing Research Database

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To locate a research study, simply use the boxes below (subject, region, year, or key words). All of these search features are optional. A study search will work with just one box. The more boxes you use, however, the narrower the search.

Once you select your entry or entries in the boxes, click on the “search” button. Related studies will appear. When you see any particular study of interest, click on it for a brief two-page executive summary. All related files (reports, questionnaires, etc.) are attached.

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For a complete listing of all studies in this database, click view all.

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The studies included in this site have added to our collective knowledge base on how commuters and Virginia travelers perceive different transportation topics, programs, and commute options. Click for an overview of what we know.

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