Core Development Program FAQs

Q. Who is qualified for this program?

A. Any degree holder is eligible to apply for the program. The program will be marketed internally and externally to get a good mix of talent and experience. It is our hope that the program acts as an entry point for external candidates and a career progression step for internal candidates.

Q. Will participation in the Core Development Program count towards the experience requirement to qualify for the Professional Engineering exam?

A. All engineering associates in the program will be supervised by a Professional Engineer and time spent in the program fully counts towards the requirements to sit for the Professional Engineer exam.

Q. I would like to apply for the program, but there are no positions available at this time. Can I send in my resume to be considered for future opening?

A. To be considered for the program, you must complete a state application and submit it for an open position. We can not accept resumes without a state application and we can not consider applications that are not submitted for an open position.

Q. Once I apply, how soon will I be contacted for an interview?

A. Once the advertised position has closed, it will take us about 10 business days to screen applications and contact qualified applicants. If you are screened into the interview pool, you will be contacted by phone shortly after this time. If you are not screened into the pool, you will be notified by letter.

Page last modified: Oct. 16, 2012