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Feb. 20, 2015

Commonwealth Transportation Board approves new alignment for section of Route 121/Corridor Q Route 460
Final approval from FHWA needed to move forward to design, construction

BRISTOL— Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board passed a resolution this week to approve an alignment change for a key piece of roadway in southwestern Virginia. 

The board’s resolution approved the alignment shift of 4.1-miles of the Route 121 (Coalfields Expressway) that overlaps with a section of Corridor Q/US Route 460.  The alignment shift results in a modified roadway that is shorter than the previously approved alignment and provides for a connector to existing Route 460 in Grundy. 

Final approval from the Federal Highway Administration is needed before the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) can design and construct the 4.1-mile section of proposed roadway.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board only took action on the portion of environmental section IIIB that overlaps with US Route 460.  The location of the remainder of environmental section IIIB remains as approved in 2000. 

Corridor Q stretches eastward from the Virginia/Kentucky state line to Christiansburg, a distance of 127.5 miles. 

Approximately fourteen miles of Corridor Q in Virginia are in differing stages of development, with some of those sections overlapping with Route 121 (to view a map of the construction sections, click here):

  • Route 460 Connector Phase I: currently under construction at the Virginia/Kentucky state line near Breaks Interstate Park, includes construction of tallest bridge in Virginia.
  • Route 460 Connector Phase II: design phase; contract includes construction to rough grade which is anticipated to begin in early spring.
  • Connection with Route 121: preliminary engineering underway to determine type of connection between Route 460 and 121, design-build contract is currently being negotiated with VDOT’s public-private partners.
  • Hawks Nest segment of Corridor Q/Route 121: completed to rough grade, preliminary design build contract for finish grade currently being negotiated with VDOT’s private sector partners.
  • Poplar Creek segment of Corridor Q/Route 121: Section given alignment approval by CTB this week.  Next steps will include FHWA approval to move forward to design public hearing, finalizing preliminary engineering and construction.  Located from near Route 614 to Route 460 at Grundy. 

When completed, Corridor Q/US Route 460 and the Route 121/460 overlap section will be a modern, limited access highway with two travel lanes east and west. 




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