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Sept. 22, 2017

September 28 - October 1: Bristol's Weekly Traffic Alert

BRISTOL – In an effort to keep motorists informed, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) provides weekly information about highway construction and maintenance projects in southwestern Virginia. When traveling through highway work zones, use caution and be alert to changes in traffic patterns and slow-moving or stopped traffic.


To help motorists take the guesswork out of travel plans, call VDOT’s 511 or visit http://www.511Virginia.org/ for real-time traffic information.


Underlined entries with asterisks (***) indicate the listing is new or the status of the project has changed since last week’s traffic alert.


***I-81 bridges over Halls Bottom Road: Northbound Interstate 81 traffic has been shifted to a newly constructed portion of the Interstate 81 bridges at Halls Bottom Road, located near exit 10. Crews are removing the old northbound bridge to allow for its replacement

Due to safety concerns, Route 808 (Halls Bottom Road) is closed underneath the interstate bridges. Only emergency-response vehicles will have access; all other vehicle traffic will be required to detour. (Completion: Fall 2018)

Interstate 81 – Exit 14:  Work is underway to reconstruct Interstate 81 exit 14 to better accommodate traffic volumes and to replace the north and southbound interstate 81 bridges at exit 14. Northbound traffic has shifted to the newly constructed Interstate 81 bridge and the new exit 14 off ramp. Motorists should be alert to the possibility of day/night lane closures on Old Jonesboro Road, as well as the possibility of nighttime lane closures on Interstate 81 north and south. (Completion: fall 2018)

F310 bridge rehabilitation over I-81 at Exit 10: Due to rehabilitation of the Route F310 bridge over Interstate 81 at exit 10, traffic signals are controlling one-way traffic on Route F310. Be alert to nighttime lane closures on I-81 near exit 10 due to this effort. (Completion: fall 2018)

***Interstate 77 maintenance activities: Be alert to the following maintenance activities this week on Interstate 77 in Bland and Wythe counties:

  • Gutter and lighting maintenance work at Interstate 77 East River Mountain Tunnel (Sept 24 and 25)
  • Nighttime guardrail repairs northbound between mile markers 23 and 25 in Wythe County
  • Nighttime paving southbound between mile markers 30 and 26 in Wythe County.

***Interstate 81 maintenance activities: Be alert to the following maintenance activities this week on Interstate 81 in Washington, Smyth and Wythe counties:

  • Nighttime guardrail repairs northbound between mile markers 66 and 67.5 in Wythe County; and northbound between mile markers 59.5 and 61 in Wythe County.
  • Nighttime bridge repairs northbound between exit 73 and mile marker 75 in Wythe County and southbound between exits 47 and 45 in the Marion area of Smyth County;



Bland County
Route 601 bridge replacement: Due to replacement of the Route 601 bridge over Little Walker Creek in Bland County, be alert to workers in the work zone as well as traffic shifts. (Completion: October 2017)


Buchanan County
Route 609 at intersection of Route 460 Connector Phase II: Through late September, be alert to a new traffic pattern at the intersection of Route 460 Connector Phase II and Route 609 near Orchard Road. Anticipate delays while the new traffic pattern is being established.

The Route 460 Connector Phase II is a 6.2-mile four-lane, limited access highway being built almost entirely on a new location.  Phase II is located between the U.S. Route 460 Connector Phase I, constructed near Breaks Interstate Park, Route 460 and a connection with the proposed Route 121 (Coalfields Expressway) in Buchanan County. 

Dickenson County
Route 644 slide repairs: A section of Route 644 (Little Caney Road) in Dickenson Co has closed for 30 days due to slide repairs. Alternate routes are Routes 649 and 652. (Completion: late September 2017)

Route 679 – slide repairs: Be alert to one-lane traffic on Route 679 in Dickenson County due to a slide area, which will be repaired in the coming weeks. 

Grayson County
Route 58 – bridge replacement over Peggy Branch: Temporary signals will be controlling one-way traffic during construction of a new bridge on Route 58 over Peggy Branch in Grayson County. The bridge is being replaced in two phases. Motorists should be aware to a reduced speed limit. (Completion: November 3, 2017)


Russell County
Route 812 bridge replacement: The Route 812 (Jackson’s Chapel Road) bridge in Russell County is restricted to 10-feet-wide due to replacement of the bridge. The bridge will be closed for one day in September to complete the bridge deck. (Completion: September 2017)

Scott County
Route 23 bridge replacement at Weber City: Due to replacement of the Route 23 bridges over North Fork Holston River in the Weber City area of Scott County, motorists can expect one-lane traffic and a 12-foot-width restriction in each direction. The speed limit in the work zone is 35 mph. (Completion: November 2018)


Utility Projects – various locations: Anticipate lane closures during daylight hours at the following locations in Scott County due to utility projects:

  • Water line installation work along Route 71 (Nickelsville Highway) and connecting secondary routes between Route 792 (Slabtown Road) and Route 790 (Pin Oak Circle). (Completion: Spring 2018)
  • Power line installation along U.S. Route 23 between Route 58 at Duffield and Route 871 (Natural Tunnel Parkway). (Completion: Spring 2018)
  • Water line installation project on Route 58 in Scott County between Route 638 (Powell Mountain Road) and Route 884 (Scenic Circle). (Completion: Spring 2018)
  • Tree removal and power line construction along Route 870 (Natural Tunnel Parkway) between US Route 23 at Duffield and Route 653 (Mabe Slanleytown Road). (Completion: fall 2018)

Smyth County
Route 610 (Old Quarry Road): Due to replacement of the Route 610 (Old Quarry Road) bridge superstructure, a portion of the route is closed to traffic until October 27. The closure is between Mountain Road and Palmer Avenue. Motorists are advised to use the signed detour during the bridge construction. (Completion: October 27)

Route 16 bridge project: Due to replacement of a portion of the Route 16 bridge over Slemp Creek in the Sugar Grove community of Smyth County, motorists should be alert to the possibility of delays. Traffic signals are controlling one 9-foot-wide travel lane through the work zone. The bridge is located between Route 601 and Route 695. (Completion: October 6, 2017)


Tazewell County
Route 102 bridge replacement: A project to reconstruct the Route 102 bridge over Laurel Fork in the Pocahontas area of Tazewell County is underway. Motorists should use caution in this area and be alert to signals controlling one-way traffic across the bridge. (Completion: November 2017)


Wise County
Route 706 (Stone Mountain Road): Due to a pipe replacement project, a portion of Route 706 (Stone Mountain Road) in the Coeburn area of Wise County will be closed weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. through September 29. The closed portion of Route 706 is located from the intersection of Route 699 to Alternate Route 58. Motorists should use Routes 699 (Pine Camp Road), 1120 (Rockbridge Road), 1118 (Central Street SW), 1129 (May Avenue) and Alternate Route 58. VDOT will work with school buses and emergency response vehicles to get them through the work zone in a timely manner. (Completion: September 29)


Route 673 – slide repairs: Be alert to one-lane traffic on Route 673 in Wise County due to a slide area, which will be repaired in the coming weeks.


Water and sewer line projects: Be alert to lane closures during daylight hours due to sewer line installations at the following locations:

  • The Andover, Osaka and Roda areas north of Appalachia in Wise County. (Completion: fall 2017)
  • In the Stonega community in Wise County near Appalachia, involving lane closures along Routes 78 and 600.  (Completion: spring 2018).


Route 757 (Wise-Norton Road): Work to widen a one-mile section of Route 757 (Wise-Norton Road) is underway. New traffic pattern restricts traffic to one-way on Route 757 from Business Route 23 at Wise toward Route 23. There is two-way traffic between Route 23 and the Wal-mart shopping area; however, traffic is accessing Route 757 north of Wal-mart using Route 23 north to Business Route 23 in Wise. Motorists should be alert to highway workers, message boards and detour signs, and heavy equipment in the area. (Completion: October 2017)


Interstate 81 northbound bridge repairs at mile marker 18: Bridge repairs have been completed on Interstate 81 northbound at mile marker 18 in the Abingdon area of Washington County.


Information in VDOT news releases was accurate at the time the release was published. For the most current information about projects or programs, please visit the project or program Web pages. You may find those by searching by keyword in the search Virginia DOT box above.

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