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Safety Program Manager Honored

David Rush (left) gets awardApril 25, 2019: During the kickoff for 2019 National Work Zone Awareness Week in Washington, D.C., Virginia Department of Transportation Work Zone Safety Program Manager David Rush was recognized for his role in making the annual observance a national event.

He was presented with an award from the Work Zone Safety National Committee.

David is passionate about National Work Zone Awareness Week, which started in Virginia more than 20 years ago.

Through his efforts in sharing VDOT's campaign with many national organizations, the safety awareness campaign has since expanded to every state.

It is held at the start of construction season to encourage safe driving through highway work zones and brings attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues.

Rush, who has worked at VDOT for more than 40 years, also leads the annual Central Office Work Zone Safety Day event. This year's event had nearly 300 participants.

Work Zones On Display

display in front of museumApril 18, 2019: For the third year, the Virginia Department of Transportation's Salem District collaborated with the Virginia Museum of Transportation located in Roanoke by hosting a display to raise awareness during Work Zone Awareness Week.

This year, the Southwest and Hanging Rock area headquarters teamed up to set up the display featuring a dump truck, front loader, plow painted by Salem High School and a miniature work zone with rumble strips.

Museum visitors could interact with the equipment and be reminded what to do when they see them from behind the wheel.

The museum also hosted other activities during the week and the staff joined VDOT employees in wearing orange on Go Orange Day.

Getting Schooled On Work Zones

Steve BellApril 11, 2019: Reporters were invited to join driver-education students for “Work Zones 101” at Strasburg High School in Shenandoah County recently.

The event was part of the VDOT Staunton District’s public outreach in advance of National Work Zone Awareness Week.
Transportation Operator Steve Bell travels to high schools throughout the northern Shenandoah Valley to share work zone safety presentations with the newest generation of motorists.

“I include some videos and the latest statistics, and try to keep it interactive,” said Bell, based at the Winchester area headquarters.

“The kids ask a lot of good questions, which hopefully means we’re reaching them before they get out there and start driving.”
Attendees also saw a demonstration of portable temporary rumble strips, designed to snap motorists to attention as they approach a highway work zone.

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