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Family's Service To VDOT Totals Eight Decades

Paige Cook and her fatherAug. 1, 2018: The Cook family of Suffolk has more than 80 years of service with the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Accounts Receivable Accountant Paige Cook Dunlow (near right) will celebrate 30 years of service with the Hampton Roads District in January.

She followed in the footsteps of her late father, Edwin, (far right) who spent 13 years as an inspector and right of way engineer with VDOT in Hampton Roads.

He transferred to the Right of Way section in Staunton, where he stayed a year before moving the family back to Hampton Roads.

Paige’s late brother, Greg, worked for VDOT as a traffic engineer for 26 years and her sister, Cathy, worked in drafting for 11 years in the Hampton Roads and Salem districts.

Customer Agents Fight Floods

VDOT Customer Service CenterJuly 26, 2018: As a result of heavy rains across the state, more than 55,000 calls from concerned residents and motorists came to the Virginia Department of Transportation's statewide Customer Service Center (CSC) in Salem.

Many areas a record eight to 12 inches in a month.

The state had approximately four inches of rain each day for about 24 days in May and June.

The influx caused floods and washed out roads and drainage structures.

The volume of calls was similar to that during snow storms. There was a 28 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

"Our role is to support our maintenance teams actively engaged in repairs," said CSC Director Heidi Underwood.

"In doing so, we've had approximately triple the call volume we normally have.

As much as customers have called for help, they've also called to say thanks for the swift response from our crews."

The CSC is a link between the public and VDOT’s area headquarters.

Representatives listen to concerns and relay information to the field.

Crews then repair roads they may not have otherwise known about.

The efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

One customer wrote:

"The response to my request happened within three hours! All of my experience with VDOT over the past two years has been fantastic!

"Every agent has been friendly, responsive and helpful. Concerns have been addressed in a timely fashion.

"It's been wonderful to work with VDOT. What a great department."

Raccoon Rescue

Bryant with baby racconsJuly 23, 2018: Following a recent round of heavy rainstorms in the Virginia Department of Transportation's Richmond District, Beach Area Headquarters crews were on the move to clear drainage facilities and debris.

While removing a fallen tree blocking the road, a team member noticed small movements nearby.

The team investigated further and discovered a pair of orphaned raccoon cubs, narrowly missed by the tree.

Beach Area Headquarters Superintendent Buzz Bryant (right) jumped into action, providing the abandoned siblings food and shelter until the wildlife rescue could respond.

These cuties are safe and sound now, thanks to the Beach crew’s keen eyes!

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