Alleghany Highlands

Map of Alleghany Highlands


Alleghany Highlands Driving Routes

Enjoy some of the most undisturbed, natural beauty this area of the state has to offer by following scenic Route 39 up steep mountains and along deep gorges.

Virginia Horse CenterBegin with a leisurely walk through the hilly streets of Lexington, home to historic sites and universities. 

Start your drive west on Route 39 and head out of town. Before long you’ll come upon the Virginia Horse Center, a modern facility that operates year-round and hosts horse shows, auctions, festivals and educational clinics. 

It’s truly a horse lover’s haven that offers an opportunity to learn about an animal that has been domesticated since ancient times and that has a place in the history of practically every culture and country the world over.

From this point, as the elevation increases, you’ll come to Goshen Pass. Here you’ll find easy access to roadside pull offs from where you might spot someone fishing or enjoying a kayak ride. 

These are perfect spots for a picnic followed by some relaxation as you daydream to the soothing sounds of the Maury River’s rippling waters. Goshen Pass

As you continue, you’ll enter the George Washington National Forest, surrounded by natural beauty and a world at peace with itself.

Pretty soon, you’ve entered the town of Warm Springs. It got its name from the natural mineral springs that maintain a 98-degree temperature year round. 

In fact, you might just want to try a dip in the Warm Springs Pools – and there’s no need to ask anyone if the water’s cold. 

As you continue on Route 39 toward the West Virginia state line, you’ll pass the Hidden Valley Recreation Area and Blowing Springs Recreation Area, providing opportunities for camping, hiking and fishing.     


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