Safe Routes to School Program


Marketing Toolkit

You can have a successful campaign to encourage kids to walk and bike to school, educate parents on the importance of kids getting enough activity, and create awareness in your community. We're building a marketing toolkit to support your Safe Routes to School program activities, starting with materials for International Walk to School Day.

You Did It!

View certificate in PDFCOMMUNITY AWARDS

A play on the Virginia SRTS Program Learn It. Do It. Live It! theme, the You Did It certificate award can be used by local programs to recognize outstanding individuals, or groups of individuals, that demonstrate hard work, positivity, and creativity as part of a SRTS effort..  The downloadable certificate can be completed online, then printed, signed and framed before presenting. Let us know when you use this certificate, and will include it in an upcoming Virginia SRTS Program newsletter.  Simply contact your LTAC with the information (a photo would be great, too).




Materials for Other Walk to School Events


Stickers for Kids

With VDOT logo

Without VDOT logo

I Walked to School Today Sticker



Frequent Walker-Bicyclist Punch Card



Scripts for two types of announcements are included:  one for students in the classroom and one for parents during an at-school event.  The scripts are Word documents and can be used or modified as needed.

  • In-school announcements for kids  [ WORD ]
  • In-school or event announcements for adults [ WORD ]


For the Media 

Press Release template with instructions [ WORD ]

A press release can be used to provide information about your event so that it can be included in a news story, regardless of whether a media outlet comes to the event. The press release template is a Word document that includes the VDOT SRTS logo at the top. This logo can be replaced or supplemented with a school logo. Instructions for customizing the template are provided.

Media Advisory template [ WORD ]

A media advisory is different from the press release in that its purpose is to get media outlets to the event. As an invitation, the advisory includes information on the time and place of the event, as well as reasons why the press would want to cover it. The media advisory is a Word document that includes the VDOT SRTS logo at the top. This logo can be replaced or supplemented with the school logo. 


Flyers to use for the following needs are available for both an October 3 event and one on another day in the fall:

  • Ask for parent volunteers
  • Advertise and promote the Walk to School Day event
  • Reminder about the event (day before)
  • Request from outside organizations to participate
  • Blank flyer to use as needed Flyers are in PDF format. All but the blank flyers are fillable.


    Events on any day in October (Walk to School Month)

    Flyers - Logo as Kite Style


    • Blank flyer - print out and write on only. Not fillable. [PDF]
    • Help plan our event [PDF]
    • Other organizations to Participate [PDF]
    • General school notice [PDF]


    Flyers - Sunrise Style

    Flyer Sunrise style

    • Blank - print out and write on only.  Not fillable. [ PDF ]
    • Help plan our event [ PDF ]
    • Other organizations to Participate [ PDF ]
    • General school notice [ PDF ]


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