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None at this time.


Interstate 81 at Exit 5 and Route 11 improvements (Bristol)

Route 11 widening (City of Bristol)


Corridor Q: Route 460 Connector - Phase I

Corridor Q: Route 460 Connector - Phase II (Buchanan County)

Corridor Q: Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase A

Route 121 (Coalfields Expressway) Location Study: Environmental Section IIIB

Route 460 Grundy - Phase II

Route 460 Grundy - Phase III

Route 83 - Lover's Gap


None at this time.


Route 21 and 58 intersection improvements (Grayson County)


Route 58 Climbing Lanes (Lee County)


None at this time.


None at this time.


None at this time.


Route 224 improvements (Scott County)
Route 224 improvements (Scott County)

Route 23 Access Management and Park & Ride area

Route 23 bridges over North Fork Holston River in Weber City
Route 23 bridges over North Fork Holston River in Weber City


None at this time.


Leatherwood Lane (Town of Bluefield)


Interstate 81 bridges over Route 808 (Halls Bottom Road) near Exit 10

Interstate 81 Exit 14 ramp improvements and bridge reconstruction

Interstate 81 Exit 17 Interchange Improvements

Interstate 81 Exit 19 Ramp Improvements

Interstate 81 Exit 7 Interchange (City of Bristol)

Route 11 (Lee Highway)
Washington County/City of Bristol

Route 58 Phase II widening (Washington County)

Route 58 widening - Phase III Abingdon to Damascus

Route 58 widening - Phase IV Abingdon to Damascus

Route 670 Avens Bridge over South Holston Lake (Washington County)


Business Route 23 bridge in Pound

Route 757 (Wise-Norton Road) in Wise County


I-77 north to I-81 south additional lane (Wythe County)

I-81 Corridor Improvement Study: Tier 2 I-77/I-81 Overlap

Wytheville Connector Road - Phase II

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