Under Construction: Interstate 64 Bridge Maintenance, Albemarle County

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Map of the bridges over Route 20 and eastbound over Route 29

Under the same construction contract, VDOT contractor Curtis Contracting, Inc. of West Point will work on three bridges on Interstate 64 in Albemarle County:

  1. Eastbound bridge over Route 20 (mile marker 121) [COMPLETE]
  2. Westbound bridge over Route 20 (mile marker 121) [IN PROGRESS]
  3. Eastbound bridge over Route 29 (mile marker 118)

Crews will perform a hydro demolition of each bridge deck and apply a latex overlay. Hydro demolition involves using high-pressure water jets to remove deteriorated concrete to create a better bonding surface for the overlay. 

Extended weekend lane closures are required for this project. Interstate 64 will be reduced to one lane at the bridge during the work. Motorists should also anticipate ramp closures. All lane closures will be announced. 

The contractor will work on one bridge at a time. Construction on all three bridges will be complete by May 2020. 


The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the bridge decks on three bridge in Albemarle County to extend the service life and provide a smoother ride for motorists.  


Contact Info:

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Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 109130

State ID: 0064-002-926,B617,B618,B616

Federal ID: NHPP-BR07(303)

Lat/Long: N/A

Locality: Albemarle

Page last modified: Oct. 24, 2019