Under Construction: Districtwide Flashing Yellow Arrow Project

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Flashing yellow arrows are being installed at numerous intersections around the Fredericksburg District to help drivers turn left safely against oncoming traffic.

Traffic signal equipment will be fitted with flashing yellow arrows by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and its contractor at the following intersections, listed below, in October-December 2019.

All signal work will occur during overnight hours. Traffic will be able to pass through the intersection during each installation. Motorists can anticipate single lane closures between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. for two consecutive evenings at each locations while signal work is underway. 


Lancaster County

Route 3 and Old Fairgrounds Way 

Route 3 and Route 688 

Northumberland County

Route 200 and Route 360 

Stafford County

Route 627 (Mountain View Road), Choptank Road, and Mountain View High School 

Westmoreland County

Route 3 and Route 645 (Zacata Road)

Route 205 and Route 205Y (near McDonald's entrance)


Deciding whether to turn left against oncoming traffic is among the most challenging and high-risk decisions for drivers, according to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Motorists must assess the speed and distance of the approaching traffic as they make the decision to turn left.

The research program initiated a study that assessed how drivers interpret symbols and signs for left turns, and found that a flashing yellow arrow was safer, better understood and obeyed more frequently.


Phase: Under Construction

Lat/Long: 38.462139, -77.494810

Locality: Lancaster , Middlesex , Northumberland , Richmond , Spotsylvania , Stafford , and Westmoreland

Page last modified: Sept. 28, 2019