Coming Soon: Leeland Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Upgrades

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The project will build a shared use path along Leeland Road in Stafford County.  The path will be located from the intersection of Leeland Road and Deacon Road to the intersection of Leeland Road and Primmer House Road)\. The shared use path will be able to accomodate both pedestrians and bicyclists. As part of this project, a marked crosswalk with a set a of flashing beacons will also be installed. 


Currently, there are no accomodations for pedestrians or bicyclists along Leeland Road. The project will also install a crosswalk at the Leeland Road and Primmer House Road intersection to accomodate students on the east side of Leeland Road crossing to Conway Elementary School. 


Contact Info:

Byrd Holloway, VDOT Project Manager
(540) 374-3367

Darragh Frye, VDOT Communications Coordinator
(540) 899-4119


Lat/Long: 38.328715, -77.435479

Locality: Stafford

Page last modified: Aug. 29, 2019