Recently Completed: Robert O. Norris Bridge Deck Overlay

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A project to mill and pave the Robert O. Norris Bridge deck overlay with fresh asphalt was completed on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018.

All lanes of Norris Bridge on Route 3 over the Rappahannock River are open to traffic.

The bridge deck overlay is the travel surface that motorists ride on. The overlay also serves as a protective layer over the bridge’s structural steel grid deck.

VDOT and its contractor, Allan Myers, milled up the existing deck overlay on the bridge, which was a combination of concrete and asphalt.

An additive material, Rosphalt, was added to hot mix asphalt to create the new deck overlay. Mixing in Rosphalt creates a water-resistant asphalt layer over the bridge's structural steel deck. Waterproofing the deck overlay will protect the deck from corrosive elements such as saltwater, salt from snow removal operations, and bird droppings. Motorists will also notice improved skid resistance.

Additionally, the new surface is intended to reduce the frequency of unscheduled maintenance repairs to the existing travel surface of concrete and asphalt. Drivers will notice a smoother riding surface and fresh pavement markings.

The Norris Bridge carries Route 3 over the Rappahannock River between Lancaster and Middlesex counties.

It carries an average of 8,208 vehicles a day on weekdays, and an average of 6,326 vehicles a day on weekends.

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Phase: Recently Completed

Lat/Long: 37.624310, -76.423170

Locality: Lancaster and Middlesex

Page last modified: Oct. 11, 2018