Recently Completed: Route 17 Southbound Turn Lane at Brays Point Road and Pedestrian Improvements on Route 216 (Guinea Road), Route 1216 (Hayes Road), and Route 1219 (Hook Road)

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Construction began in January 2018 on a project in Gloucester County to extend the left turn lane on Route 17 southbound at Route 636 (Brays Point Road).

The project will also build new sidewalk and pedestrian accommodations on Guinea, Hook and Hayes roads.

The $1.9 million project will extend the left turn lane for Route 17 southbound traffic turning onto Brays Point Road. Lengthening the turn lane will accommodate increased traffic traveling to recreational facilities on Brays Point Road, and will reduce congestion in the Route 17 southbound through travel lanes.

Turn lane construction was combined with a project to add sidewalk along portions of Route 216 (Guinea Road), Route 1216 (Hayes Road), and Route 1219 (Hook Road).

The project aims to improve pedestrian access to commercial and residential areas along the Route 17 corridor.

A total of 1.5 miles of sidewalk will be built.

On Guinea Road, a 0.23 mile section of sidewalk will be built to connect with Route 17.

On Hook Road, a 0.21 mile section of sidewalk will be built between Route 17 and Hayes Road.

On Hayes Road, a 1.19 mile section of sidewalk will be built from Hook Road to Route 17, near the intersection with Bellehaven Drive.

Pedestrian crossing signal equipment will be added at the intersection of Route 17 and Hook and Guinea roads.

Drivers will see construction activity underway on Route 17 and along Guinea, Hayes and Hook roads. Motorists should be alert for periodic daytime and overnight single lane closures on Route 17 northbound and southbound at the Brays Point Road intersection.

Both projects are scheduled to be completed by June 28, 2018.



Phase: Recently Completed

Locality: Gloucester

Page last modified: Oct. 11, 2018