Recently Completed: Route 620 (Kissinger Springs Road) Bridge Rehabilitation Project

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) closed the bridge on Route 620 (Kissinger Springs Road) over Kissinger Mill Pond in Northumberland County on June 20, 2018 after a recent bridge safety inspection found deterioration in key support elements. 

There is a planned project to replace the bridge's beams and deck on the single lane struture by state forces. Construction is scheduled to begin no later than April 2019, but the department will seek to accelerate the project schedule. 

Signs are posted along the recommended detour route, which is approximately five miles:

  • Route 622 (Harry Hogan Road)
  • Route 712 (Harry Hogan Road)
  • Route 202 (Hampton Hall Road)
  • Route 621 (Mundy Point Road)

Approximately 129 vehicles a day cross the bridge on Kissinger Springs Road, according to a 2017 traffic count. 


  • Project will improve bridge's condition, and reopen bridge for travelers


Contact Info:

Darragh Frye, VDOT Communications Coordinator
(540) 899-4119

Phase: Recently Completed

Lat/Long: 37.999161, -76.573092

Locality: Northumberland

Page last modified: Aug. 13, 2019