Recently Completed: Route 721 (Newtown Road) Bridge Replacement

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Construction is complete on a $2.7 million bridge replacement project at Beverly Creek on Route 721 (Newtown Road).

The bridge is located at the Caroline and King and Queen county line. 

The project replaced a structurally deficient bridge.

The prior bridge was built in 1952, and carries an average of 440 vehicles a day, according to VDOT traffic data.

Traffic used a temporary single lane bridge during construction. Temporary traffic signals controlled traffic on each bridge approach, and eastbound and westbound traffic alternates crossing the structure.

The new, two-lane bridge is open to traffic and follows the original alignment of the road. 

The temporary bridge and traffic signals have been removed.

Construction was scheduled to be complete in July 2017 but crews finished the project ahead of schedule.



Phase: Complete

Locality: Caroline and King and Queen

Page last modified: Oct. 11, 2018