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Terminal Boulevard Resurfacing Project

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Begin Date
June 3, 2016

Completed November 18, 2016

$5 million

Lengths and Limits
2 miles

Virginia Paving


Hampton Roads

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Pavement was resurfaced along Terminal Boulevard in the City of Norfolk, between I-564 and Hampton Boulevard. Work also included resurfacing the I-564 off-ramp onto Terminal Boulevard westbound.

The City of Norfolk-maintained portion is 1.32 miles and the VDOT-maintained portion is 0.67 miles. Both areas were resurfaced under this project, which was be managed by VDOT.

Scope of Project

The Terminal Boulevard Resurfacing Project included:

  • Rubblization of existing concrete pavement, with an overlay of 6" of asphalt pavement
  • Adjustments to affected drop inlets, bringing them up to the grade of the new roadway, as well as constructing new curbs and gutters
  • Removal and replacement of existing guardrail
  • Tie into existing grade at Ruthven Road and Diven Street intersections to avoid impacts to railroad
  • Removal and replacement of damaged stormwater pipes

What is Rubblization?

Rubblization is a construction method that prevents cracking in old pavement from affecting the overlay of new pavement.

  • A rubblization machine breaks up the old concrete pavement into aggregate.
  • The aggregate stays on the roadway, and serves as a base for the new roadway.
  • Asphalt is laid on top of the rubblized concrete.

Current Status

The Terminal Boulevard Resurfacing Project was completed November 18, 2016, nearly two months ahead of the original contract completion date of January 13, 2017.

The contract was awarded in May 2016 to Virginia Paving for approximately $5 million dollars.

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