Richmond Riverfront

The Canal Walk in Richmond serves as the end point for the Virginia Capital Trail. It connects the Trail with the canal and the retail and residential areas located in historic Shockoe Bottom along the James River. 

This phase is divided into three sections:

Section One

  • A one-mile segment from Canal Walk to the Great Ship Lock Park

Section Two

  • A three-quarter-mile segment from Great Ship Lock Park to Intermediate Terminal
  • The Trail will go through the Echo Harbour development and be financed by the private sector

Section Three

  • A one mile segment from the Lehigh Cement plan extends through the Rockett's Landing development
  • The City of Richmond is financing the portion located within the city limits and the portion located within Rockett's Landing will be financed by the private sector

Cost: The City of Richmond estimates the cost to design and construct Section One and their portion of Section Three to be $3.0 million. 

Status:: The trail is complete and open to traffic. 

Photos: Take a 360 degree panromaic tour of the Richmond Riverfront Phase

Canal Walk in Richmond
The Canal Walk in Richmond.

Page last modified: Jan. 9, 2018