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Route 50 Traffic Calming Measures

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Paris (Fauquier County) to Lenah (Loudoun County)


Northern Virginia

Helen Cuervo, P.E.
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About the Projects

The Route 50 traffic-calming effort spans a 20-mile stretch of Route 50 from Paris in Fauquier County to Lenah in Loudoun County. The measures will help slow traffic, improve safety for pedestrians and motorists, and preserve the historic and rural nature of the corridor. Route 50 traffic-calming projects include:

  • The $8.19 million Upperville project was completed in October 2008, which featured new medians, crosswalks, landscaping and stone fencing.
  • The $15.8 million Gilbert's Corner project, completed in 2009, included four roundabouts and was done under a design-build contract. View the project brochure.
  • The $7.2 million Aldie project, similar to the Upperville project in design, was completed in December 2012.

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming is the alteration of a road’s design to slow traffic and improve safety for pedestrians and motorists. For Route 50, preserving the road's historic nature is another important goal.

Studies show that long stretches of road such as Route 50 encourage faster driving. Traffic-calming techniques VDOT is using on Route 50 include:

  • Entrance features: Enhancements at a town's approach via  architecture, signage, landscaping, etc. Overhead features are typically more noticeable to drivers.

  • Imprint areas: Sections of textured pavement that provide audible indicators to encourage motorists to decelerate.

  • Raised crosswalks: Pedestrian crossings made of brick or a textured material.

  • Landscaped medians: Medians with curb and trees, bushes, etc.

  • Roundabouts/traffic circles: A type of intersection that provides counter-clockwise traffic flow and reduces left-turn accidents. The traffic calming project at Gilbert's Corner features four roundabouts. Read more on this technique at VDOT's roundabout page.

  • Landscaping: Trees, bushes, flowers, etc.

Route 50 Task Force

Upcoming meetings of the Route 50 Task Force (all meetings are open to the public):
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 4 p.m. 
Location: Middleburg Town Hall

More information is available at

Route 50 Traffic-Calming News

Traffic Calming Coming to Aldie (10/6/2011)
Gilberts Corner Roundabouts Complete (11/30/2009)
Roundabout at Gilberts Corner Opens October 1 (9/30/2009)
Gilberts Corner Detour Shifts to Route 50 (6/25/2009)
Route 15 Detour Planned for Gilberts Corner (3/30/2009)
VDOT Breaks Ground on Gilberts Corner Roundabouts (5/2/2008)

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