Recently Completed: Route 29 Northbound Spot Widening in Fairfax County

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Project Limits

This project added a third lane to northbound Route 29 from just before Pickwick Road to about a quarter-mile beyond the traffic signal.

The project also included:

  • Paving and restriping
  • Traffic signal adjustments
  • Grading and drainage

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering: $423,000
Construction: $855,000
Total: $1.3 million

Route 29 averages 33,000 vehicles a day within the project limits.


The additional lane creates added capacity and makes northbound Route 29 three lanes the entire way between I-66 in Centreville and Union Mill Road. The entire section of southbound Route 29 between Union Mill Road and I-66 in Centreville was already three lanes when construction began on this project.

Major Milestones 

Begin Preliminary Engineering - July 2017
Design Public Hearing - September 2017
Advertise for Construction - February 2018
Construction Contract Awarded - April 2018
Begin Construction - May 2018
Final Completion - October 2018


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Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 110330

State ID: 0029-029-351, P101, R201, M501

Lat/Long: 38.838916, -77.421385

Locality: Fairfax

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Northbound Route 29 approaching Pickwick Road (beginning of project limits), pre-construction
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Northbound Route 29 immediately past Pickwick Road, pre-construction
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Northbound Route 29 service road access, pre-construction
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End of project limits, pre-construction

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