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The Woods Road Improvements, Phase 2

Adding turn lanes at realigned Evergreen Mills Road intersection in Loudoun County
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Project at a Glance
Begin Date
Phase 1: April 2016

Phase 2 Construction:
Summer 2019

Est Completion Date
Phase 1: April 2017

Phase 2 Coming Soon

Phase 1: $5.5 million

Phase 2: $2.5 million

Phase 1: Phillips Construction


Northern Virginia

Calvin Britt, P.E.
Location & Design

Kimberly McCool, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

About the Project

The second phase of this project will add turn lanes at the intersection of The Woods Road and Evergreen Mills Road. 

The first phase realigned and paved the gravel portion of The Woods Road. The new road features two ten-foot-wide travel lanes, as well as five-foot-wide paved shoulders for cyclists. 

The project accommodates future expansion of the Loudoun County Landfill, and provides safe and adequate access to communities along the southern portion of the Gleedsville Road corridor.

Phase 1 Construction Start - April 2016
Phase 1 Open to Traffic/Substantially Completed - November 2016
Phase 1 Final Completion - April 2017
Phase 2 Begin Right of Way Acquisition/Utility Relocation - July 2017
Phase 2 Advertised for Construction - March 2019
Phase 2 Begin Construction - Summer 2019

Estimated Costs - Phase 1
Preliminary Engineering - $1.5 million
Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation - $132,000
Construction - $3.9 million
Total: $5.5 million

Phase 1 was financed with state and county funding.

Estimated Costs - Phase 2
Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation - $597,000
Construction - $1.9 million
Total - $2.5 million

Phase 2 is being financed with federal, state and county funding.


"De minimis" public notice, Phase 2 (March 2017)

Location and Design Public Hearing brochure (October 2013)

Aerial overview

East aerial plan view

East 50 plan view

West aerial plan view

West 50 plan view

Typical Sections 

Project Numbers - Phase 1
State: 0771-053-P42, P101, R201, C501
UPC: 90725  

Project Numbers - Phase 2
State: 0621-053-158, R201, C501
UPC: 109272
Federal: STP-5A01 (836), STP-5A01 (935)

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