Report a Road Problem

For emergencies, please dial 911.

Access the latest road condition reports by calling 511 from any telephone in Virginia, or go to

The VDOT Customer Service Center is available around the clock to receive citizen requests and answer VDOT-related questions. Please use the fields below to contact the VDOT Customer Service Center to:

  • Submit work requests for state-maintained roads
  • Conduct business with VDOT (Land use, permit requests)
  • Ask other VDOT questions

Online Work Request

VDOT does not perform maintenance in cities, towns, or in Henrico and Arlington counties, except for interstates and major primary roads within these jurisdictions.

Use this form to report non-emergency work requests for state maintained roads.  If your request is related to a road hazard that needs immediate attention, please call 1-800-367-7623 (FOR-ROAD).  

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) provides services such as:

  • Filling potholes
  • Drainage culvert cleaning and repair
  • Guardrail repair
  • Signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Animal, tree and debris removal from roadway
  • Shoulder Repair

Please submit a separate report for each request.  Requests submitted online will be reviewed within 72 hours.

You can also contact the VDOT Customer Service Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623)


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Road Repairs and Maintenance

Traffic Signs and Traffic Signal Maintenance

NOTE: If your request is related to street name signs, please contact your locality.


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Yield Sign



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 Any other sign



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Traffic Signal

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Traffic studies (Requests for new signs, signals, guardrail, pavement, markings, lighting, etc.)

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Business with VDOT

Looking for Adopt A Highway Program information? Business Concern:

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Winter Weather

VDOT's goal is to have all roads passable within 48 hours after a winter storm ends.  Crews begin by clearing interstates, primary roads and major secondary roads that connect localities, fire stations, employment hubs, military posts, schools, hospitals and other important public facilities.  Secondary roads and subdivision streets will be treated if multi-day storms hit the commonwealth, but crews will focus efforts on those roads that carry the most traffic.  A statewide network of 77 weather sensors in roadways and bridges -- plus 16 mobile video data platforms -- allow crews to quickly identify when and where road surfaces might be freezing.

Additional Resources

Hurricane, Flooding, or Debris Removal

If you need to submit a report of a flooded or washed out road, please call 1-800-367-7623.

Click here to learn more about hurricane preparedness and to get a copy of Virginia?s Interactive Hurricane Evacuation Guide. 


511 Virginia provides free real-time information about road conditions, construction delays and other incidents to the traveling public. The 511 website provides information about lane closures, the ability to view traffic cameras, and the option to sign up for email alerts to deliver personalized, real-time traffic information on roads of interest.



The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Claims Program is authorized to receive, investigate and evaluate claims that are filed against VDOT valued at no more than $5000. If, after investigation and evaluation VDOT determines that the agency has been responsible for all or part of the damages claimed, VDOT is authorized to compensate the claimant (up to a maximum of $5000.00) for the damage or portion caused by VDOT. Should you have a claim over $5000.00 in value, please see the information below regarding such claims.

If a person experiences damage to their property and believes VDOT is responsible for the damage, that person may submit a damage claim to VDOT, if the damage is estimated to be $5,000 or less. The time to investigate and process a claim varies widely, depending on facts and circumstances of the claim.

If you believe that you have a claim against VDOT that is $5000 or less in value, you may submit your claim directly to VDOT.  Once VDOT receives your initial submission, a VDOT representative will contact you to begin the claims process.

The VDOT Claims Process generally entails the following steps:

  • Step 1: Claim submission
  • Step 2: VDOT representative contacts claimant to obtain information
  • Step 3: Claimant provides information to VDOT
  • Step 4: Claim investigation
  • Step 5: VDOT notifies claimant of outcome

Many other state and local government agencies and private contractors work on Virginia roadways and perform work for VDOT.  Under Virginia law they may be responsible for legal claims associated with their actions and/or inactions for work performed for VDOT or on the Virginia roadways. In addition, VDOT does not perform road maintenance in cities, towns, or in Henrico and Arlington counties – except for interstates and major primary roads within these jurisdictions. As a result, other private or governmental entities may be responsible for property damage that has been incurred under those circumstances or in those jurisdictions. Therefore, it may be necessary you to submit claims processing information to those entities, in accord with their claims processes rather than VDOT's claims processes.

NOTICE: The information, procedures and opportunity to submit a claim, provided herein by VDOT, are not to be taken or construed as an admission of liability in any respect on the part of the Commonwealth, VDOT or any of their officers or employees for any given claim. Further, the information, procedures and opportunity to submit a claim provided herein, as well as submission of any claim, shall not be construed as a waiver of any requirement imposed by law or of any defense which may be available to the Commonwealth of Virginia, VDOT, or their officers or employees in connection with any claim that might be filed against them.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is self-insured.  There may be other remedies available to you under Virginia law which could allow you to recover directly against the state for your loss or claim.  You may wish to consult with an attorney of your choosing to determine if any such remedy applies to your situation.  VDOT and their attorneys may not provide you with such independent legal advice for your claim. You may be able to obtain additional information by contacting the Department of Treasury, Division of Risk Management.  That office administers claims against the State and can be contacted by calling (804) 786-3152. You may also visit the Division of Risk Management's link on the Department of Treasury's website at

Claim Details:


Other Inquiries and Follow-up Requests

For all other requests and follow-ups, please call 1-800-367-7623 (FOR ROAD).

Page last modified: Feb. 20, 2015