Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

Ferry Schedules

For ferry traffic updates, call 1-800-VA-Ferry. For questions, contact jsferryinput@vdot.virginia.gov.


16289 Rolfe Highway
Surry, VA  23883-3102


Jamestown: LAT 37º 13’ 11” N, LONG  76º 47’ 30 W

Scotland:LAT 37º 11’6” N, LONG  76º 47’ 4”


  • Free


  • Height: 12 feet 6 inches

  • Width: Legal limits for highway travel

  • Length: Legal limits for highway travel

  • Weight: 16 tons for large trucks, 28 tons for semi-tractor combinations 

  • The ferry can only transport liquid or materials that are not required to display a HAZMAT placard as required by Department of Transportation rules.

Ferry Holiday Schedule

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry will be in service on:

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • New Years Day

  • Christmas Day (on the hour in Surry; on the half-hour in Jamestown) 

Ferry Fleet

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry fleet is made up of four ferries:

Vessel Year Built Capacity
Pocahontas 1995 70 cars
Surry 1979 50 cars
Williamsburg 1983 50 cars
Virginia 1936 28 cars


  • Jamestown Scotland Ferry
    16289 Rolfe Highway
    Surry, VA  23883-3102

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