Hurricane Evacuation Guide

Download the 2013 Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Guide

Preparing for a Hurricane

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November. Peak season for tropical storms is usually mid-August through late September. logoVirginia’s coastal and eastern regions are especially at risk for a major storm, although the impacts from a hurricane’s wind and flooding can affect any part of the state.

The best defense against the danger and destruction caused by hurricanes is to be prepared and to stay informed.



For more information about how to prepare for hurricanes or other threats, visit, your comprehensive resource for emergency preparedness in Virginia.

Hurricane guideBefore a storm threatens your area, residents should

  • Assemble a disaster-supply kit for your family to use in case of an emergency
  • Make a plan so you know what to do in the event of a storm
  • Stay informed to know what threats you face

Local officials can order evacuations if they believe an approaching storm will be a safety hazard or cause serious damage.

For information about an impending threat, visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, or call 866-782-3470.

Download (PDF, 4.5 MB) a print copy of the Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Guide (right), order it online.


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