Construction Quality Improvement Program

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Construction Quality Improvement Program (CQIP)

The Construction Quality Improvement Program, better known as "CQIP" is a program that is a Check and Balance to the Field Inspection and Engineering oversight of VDOT's Construction Projects to Improve the Future Quality of VDOT's Roads and Bridges.

CQIP randomly reviews active Construction projects across the Commonwealth for compliance with Applicable Law, Contract, Plans, and Department Policy and Procedures by focusing on the Process and the Product.

These project reviews are completed using a checklist of over 1200 questions that are scored with comments and recommendations when issues are found. These scores are reported to the VDOT Dashboard by Statewide and District overall scores to provide transparency to the general public regarding the Quality of the work performed under VDOT Contracts.

CQIP has been a VDOT Construction Program for over 15 years. Over time the data collected and analyzed from the reviews has been and continues to be instrumental in continuously improving VDOT's Contracts, Specifications, Policies, Procedures and most of all the Quality and Safety of the Construction Projects that make up the States Roadways.

Jason Archer
CQIP Program Manager
VDOT - Construction Division
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219
(804) 920-5957

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Page last modified: May 4, 2023