Innovative Intersections and Interchanges

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Bowtie Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT)
Center Turn Overpass Roundabout
Continuous Green-T (CGT) Mini Roundabout
Displaced Left Turn (DLT) Single Loop
Echelon Split Intersection
Median U-Turn (MUT) Thru-cut Intersection
Quadrant Roadway (QR)


Contraflow Left Michigan Urban Diamond (MUD)
Displaced Left Turn (DLT) Interchange Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) Single Roundabout Interchange
Double Roundabout


The Virginia Department of Transportation is committed to improving safety and mobility for all road users in Virginia. Implementation of innovative intersections and interchanges is one of the strategies VDOT is using to achieve these goals.

Today, congestion and safety problems on roadways are more complex than ever, and conventional intersection and interchange designs can be insufficient for resolving transportation problems at busy junctions.

Innovative intersection and interchange designs modify vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle movements at conventional intersections to provide transportation agencies and local communities with new options to reduce delay, increase efficiency and provide safer travel for all road users.

During the planning, design and construction phases of innovative intersections and interchanges, VDOT works with local jurisdictions to tailor the design to meet the specific needs at each location.

This page provides information on the different types of innovative intersections and interchanges, locations where innovative intersections and interchanges are constructed or planned for construction in Virginia and links to additional resources on innovative intersection and interchanges.

Innovative Intersections and Interchanges Watch the Innovative Intersections Videos


Innovative intersections and interchanges are being designed and constructed throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Use the map to explore the locations where innovative intersections and interchanges are constructed or planned for construction in the Commonwealth.

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VDOT Junction Screening Tool – VJuST

The VDOT Junction Screening Tool aids transportation engineers and planners in determining which innovative intersection and interchange configurations might be appropriate at a specific location.

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The intent of this tool is to help in the decision-making process of identifying the most appropriate intersection and interchange types to advance to further study, analysis and design.

This tool helps to identify innovative intersection and interchange configurations that have the potential for reducing congestion and improving safety. Congestion results are based on user inputs such as turning movement volumes, number of lanes and lane configurations, while safety results are based on conflict points. Results from the tool are not meant to replicate results obtained from more detailed traffic operations, safety and design analyses.

This tool is most applicable at isolated intersections or interchanges and does not account for the influence of adjacent intersections on traffic patterns; however, the results may be indicative of how an intersection or interchange within a corridor might operate.

Success Stories

These intersection and interchanges have been met with positive responses around the state. Here are a few comments we've received:

"Just want to thank you for whoever designed the QRI Roadway Interchange at the North/South bridges over the Shenandoah River going into Front Royal. Traffic flow is great. Congratulations!"

— Lawrence in Front Royal, VA

Innovative Intersection Committee

More information on the Innovative Intersection Committee is coming soon.


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