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Much of the business conducted by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is a matter of public record, and there is some business that VDOT is required to make available to citizens. Those items, as well as meetings that are open to the public, can be found here.


Public hearings meetings and events

There are numerous types of public meetings and hearings available for citizen participation.

Meetings of the Commonwealth Transportation Board are held on the third Thursday of every month, and are open to the public.

There are guidelines that must be followed for public comment at CTB meetings. Other public hearings and events are listed on this calendar as well.

Citizens may also search the CTB archives for minutes of meetings dating back to 1920.

VDOT has a Public Involvement Manual that details the agency's responsibilities to the public when it comes to public meetings and hearings.

Learn about the public involvement process for transportation planning and programming here.

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Page last modified: Nov. 27, 2023