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National Bike to School Day 

Like Walk to School Day in October, Bike to School Day (BTSD) is a chance to publicize the benefits of getting to school on two wheels or two feet! Bike to School Day takes place in early May, and is often just one event in part of a month-long Bike Month celebration. Many schools teach bicycle safety skills or host bike rodeos either before or as part of their Bike to School Day events. Use the momentum of your BTSD event to encourage bicycling and walking to school on a regular basis. Check out the BTSD resources below to help plan your school’s event.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates. If this date does not work for your community, celebrate any day in May!

  • Bike to School Day 2024 - May 8, 2023

Bike to School Day 2024

Head to to register your biking event. You're welcome to register an event happening any day during May! No matter when you choose to do it, your school benefits. All schools that register will receive a Bike to School Day decal.

Bicycling improves our energy levels, keeps our body healthy, and reduces stress. Let's have a happy BTSD this year! These are interesting and often challenging times, which is why this year’s Bike to School Day motto is so perfect: Let’s roll with it!

Bike to School Day in Virginia

Virginia started tracking the number of BTSD events held each year* in 2012 with 26 events. Since then, participation has grown each year, with a record-breaking 313 schools participating in 2019. Virginia is usually among the top five states with the most Walk/Bike to School Day events, but 313 put us in second place behind California (with about 4.5 times the population). 

The 313 schools included many past participants, as well as 44 schools participating for the first time. Middle schools accounted for 20 percent of the events, the highest participation from this age group to date. Keep up the great work!

*BTSD events were not tracked in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Bike to School Day Tip Sheets and Guides

Conduct a Bike AuditBefore promoting your bike to school day event, it can be helpful to test the biking routes first.  Think about bringing community stakeholders along as you determine the bikeability of the area.  Whether the bike audit is conducted by a school champion, a bike train leader, or a community group, this Learn it. Do it. Live it. tip sheet can help make the most of your audit.

Event Ideas – Walk or bike to school events can be as simple as encouraging kids to walk or bike on a particular day.  This Learn it. Do it. Live it. tip sheet describes several great ideas other local SRTS programs have used successfully.  

First-time Tips for Planning a SRTS Event – This tip sheet has great advice from seasoned event organizers.  If this if your first event (or you’re looking for ways to plan a smooth event), review this short tip sheet.

National Bike to School Day Flyers, Posters and Stickers

Check out these VDOT SRTS customizable flyers, posters, and stickers to help spread the word about Bike to School Day.  


Celebrate Bike to School Day by giving out these BTSD stickers to students who bike or walk to school at you school’s event! Stickers can be printed in black and white as well. If you'd like to use colored label paper for the stickers, use this template (compatible with Avery Label # 5294).


Use one (or all three) of these social media posts to encourage students and families to hop on their bike.

One - Two - Three

Inform parents and community members about Bike to School Day by handing out these BTSD flyers to send home with students.  The flyers are customizable to your school, have space to share your school’s BTSD plans, contact information and it includes  bicycle safety tips.  They can also be printed in BTSD flyer black and white as well.
Advertise your school’s Bike to School Day by hanging up this BTSD poster at your school or at local events. The poster is customizable to your school, with space to include the date and details of the event as well as contact information. It also can be printed in black and white.
Hang this BTSD Banner up during your school’s Bike to School Day.  The banner is 2.5 x 4 feet and the date can be customized for your school’s event.

You can also use fliers designed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School.
information flyer Use this information flyer to share the date, time, and other pertinent details of your school’s Bike to School Day with parents and the community.
information flyer This Bike to School Day Why Ride flyer can help spread the word about your school’s Bike to School Day and can share the benefits of Bike to School Day.

National Bike to School Day Links

  • WalkBiketoSchool.orgRegister your school’s Bike to School Day event, map a biking route, see what other schools are doing and get event ideas at The National Center’s Bike to School Day Website.
  • Bicycle Safety for Children (English/Spanish) and Parents (English/Spanish) – These tip sheets, developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, help children and their parents do bike and helmet checks as well as provide reminders for staying safe while riding a bike.
  • ABC Quick Check  -  An ABC Quick Check, created by the League of American Bicyclists, teaches students how to check the Air, Brakes, and Chain before going on a bike ride
  • Bike Trains – The National Center for Safe Routes to School has put together some great resources for organizing bike trains. Follow this link to learn the ins-and-outs of organizing a Bike Train.
  • Be a Roll Model!Being a Roll Model means knowing how to safely ride a bike in all types of environments. The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has resource guides for adults and children on how to be a better Roll Model.
  • Promote Bike SafetyNHTSA has put together this list of ideas to help promote bicycle safety. 


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