Transportation Financing

Six-Year Improvement Program

The Six Year Improvement Program allocates funds for transportation projects that are proposed for construction, development or study in the next six fiscal years. The program is updated annually. For more information, please click the link above.

Financial plans

VDOT budget

The quarterly report card shows the number and percentage of contracts completed on time and on budget. It also gives a snapshot of the Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) financial standing that quarter.

George P. Coleman Bridge Revenues and expenditures

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports reflect the operation of the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund, the Transportation Trust Fund, various toll facilities operated by the department and other funds.

Annual Report on the Condition of and Investment Needed to Maintain and Operate the Existing Surface Transportation Infrastructure for Fiscal Year 2013 and Fiscal Year 2014 (1 MB)

Quarterly expenditures Reports include expenditures by city or county by type, expenditures by program category and federal billing by appropriation category and code.

Powhite Parkway Extension Toll Road  Statements of revenues and expenditures

The Transportation Enhancement Program  fosters choices for travel by providing funding for sidewalks, bike lanes, and the conversion of abandoned railroad corridors into trails. Communities may also use the program to revitalize local and regional economies by restoring eligible historic buildings, renovating streetscapes or providing transportation museums and visitor centers. Many communities use the program to acquire, restore and preserve scenic or historic sites.

The Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund is used by the governor to encourage the development of transportation projects through the design-build provisions of the Code of Virginia and pursuant to the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 .

Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (VTIB)  is a special non-reverting, revolving loan fund that is a sub-fund of the Transportation Trust Fund. Monies deposited into the VTIB are to be used for making loans and other financial assistance to localities, private entities and other eligible borrowers and grants to localities to finance transportation projects. Monies loaned from the VTIB are to be repaid, with interest, to provide loans, grants and credit assistance to additional projects.


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