Long-range Planning

Long-range transportation planning - a vision of the transportation system's future conditions, needs and opportunities, which guides decision-making today. 

These long-range plans generally project the transportation system needs and requirements 20 to 25 years into the future and help shape local, regional, and state strategies for addressing economic growth, safety, congestion, air quality, and public mobility.

Through a process of intergovernmental cooperation and coordination at the state, federal and local level, as well as citizen involvement, long-range transportation planning helps bring all affected parties to the table in order to address the unique transportation needs of each locality and region, while providing a forum to address the overall growth and development for Virginia. 

Since the transportation system is dynamic in nature, these plans are continuously updated every three to five years, in order to provide a comprehensive and accurate strategy for addressing the ever-changing needs of Virginia's citizens and businesses.

State Highway Plan: A 20-year vision plan that identifies recommended improvements to the interstate and primary highway systems.

Statewide Multimodal Plan: An excellent opportunity for all Virginians to participate in the development of the commonwealth's future multimodal transportation system.

Transportation Modeling in Virginia: Provides VDOT with tools for forecasting and analyzing future passenger and freight movements on Virginia's statewide multimodal transportation system.

Northern Virginia Land Development Services: Everything you wanted to know about land development and VDOT's role in working with developers and local governments in the planning process for Northern Virginia.


Page last modified: March 27, 2023