Safety Service Patrol


Click map below or here for Statewide Safety Service Patrol Routes.

To ensure safety, SSP patrollers wear special highly visible, reflective uniforms and drive specially marked vehicles.

Click here to view a schedule for Safety Service Patrols, by region. 

state mapSix core services

  • Detecting incidents and disruptions in traffic
  • Minimizing incident duration
  • Clearing obstructions and debris from the roadway
  • Establishing temporary traffic control for emergency responders and providing scene assistance as needed as per the Move It Law. This includes serving in the capacity of VDOT on-scene field commander as part of the command structure at the scene, and providing incident and congestion management functions until relieved.
  • Additionally and where applicable, support reversible roadway and high-occupancy vehicle gate operations to ensure safe and incident-free lane change functions

Page last modified: Oct. 30, 2023