Planning a Road Trip?

Family planning a road trip.

Follow the steps below to help make your road trip safe and fun:

While traveling, keep these pointers in mind.

Travel Checklist

  Check Your Vehicle

  • Top off all fluids in your vehicle and check the tire pressure, especially when heading north to colder climates.  
  • Make certain you safely secure items placed in a roof rack.
  • Even properly maintained vehicles break down. Equip your vehicle with an emergency kit.
  • Have your radiator, air conditioning system, tires, belts, hoses and steering checked by a professional before hot weather arrives.

Plan for Emergencies

Keep at least one gallon of drinkable water in the trunk of your vehicle.

For the Family

  • Keep reading and writing materials available for children who may become bored in traffic tie-ups.

  • The elderly and people with health conditions affected by prolonged exposure to heat may want to consider acquiring a cellular telephone.

Stay Alert

Because driver fatigue is a major cause of accidents, get plenty of rest the night before. To combat driver fatigue on the road, stop at a safety rest area for a 15-minute break every two to three hours. 

Tune Your Radio

Listen to Advisory Radio for the latest traffic update:  

Hampton Roads AM - 1680
Tune to radio AM 1680 for tunnel information within a five- to seven-mile-radius of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and the Downtown Tunnel in Norfolk.


  • If stopped for an extended period, turn off your car engine to avoid over-heating.

  • Do not assume that you can make it to your destination when car troubles arise. Have your car checked out immediately.

  • If having trouble with your vehicle when en route, move to a lane that offers safe, easy access to an emergency lane or pull off the road. Stay there until assistance arrives.



Page last modified: Aug. 17, 2023